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apis (nom.) apis (nom.) ; apis (gen.)
avis (nom.) avis (nom.) ; avis (gen.)
bos (nom.) bos (nom.) ; bovis (gen.)
canis (nom.) canis (nom.) ; canis (gen.)
capra capra
elephantus elephantus
equus equus
feles feles ; felis (nom.) ; felis (gen.)
formica formica
insecta insecta
leo (nom.) leo (nom.) ; leonis (gen.)
musca musca
ovis (nom.) ovis (nom.) ; ovis (gen.)
piscis (nom.) piscis (nom.) ; piscis (gen.)
porcus porcus ; sus (nom.) ; suis (gen.)
serpens (nom.) serpens (nom.) ; serpentis (gen.)
simia simia
ursus {m} ursus {m} ; ursa {f}


- -
aedes aedes
aedificium aedificium
aeroportus aeroportus
argentaria argentaria
bibliotheca bibliotheca
caput caput
castellum castellum
caupona caupona
cinemateum cinemateum
civitas civitas
constituo constituo
constructio constructio
deversorium deversorium
ecclesia ecclesia
hortus hortus
phylaca phylaca
pons pons
schola schola
theatrum theatrum
urbs urbs
valetudinarium valetudinarium
via via
vicus vicus


albus albus
caeruleus (m) caeruleus (m) ; caerulea (f) ; caeruleum (n)
flavus flavus
fuscus fuscus
niger niger
roseus roseus
viridis viridis


aqua aqua
cervisia cervisia
coffeum coffeum
lac lac
potio potio
thea thea
vinum vinum


butyrum butyrum
caro caro
caseus caseus
cibus cibus
crustum crustum
dulcedo dulcedo
embamma embamma
epulae epulae
fructus fructus
ientaculum ientaculum
ius ius
oleum oleum
oryza oryza
ovum ovum
panis panis
prandium prandium
saccharum saccharum
sal sal
socolata socolata


Ananas sativus Ananas sativus
cerasum cerasum
citrus sinensis citrus sinensis
fragum fragum
malum malum
malum Armeniacum malum Armeniacum
Malum persicum Malum persicum
morum morum
musa musa
nux nux
pirum pirum
prunum prunum
rubus rubus


aedes aedes
appellare appellare
cubiculum cubiculum
culina culina
domus domus
fenestra fenestra
gradus gradus
hortus hortus
later later
lavacrum lavacrum
murus murus
pluvia pluvia
porta porta
puteus puteus
solum solum
tabulatio tabulatio
tectum tectum


acus acus
campana campana
claustrum claustrum
clavis clavis
clavus clavus
flagellum flagellum
hamus hamus
malleus malleus
signum signum


alium alium
brassica brassica
carota carota
cepa cepa
cucumer cucumer
fasiolum fasiolum
lycopersicum lycopersicum
olea olea
raphanus raphanus

This page contains a list of basic Latin to Latin translations. The translations are divided into topics. It is much easier to learn Latin and Latin when the translations are organized in topics instead of alphabetic ordering. All translations and keywords in this short list are among the most frequently used words in Latin and Latin.

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