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afternoon middag
age ouderdom
April April
August Augustus
autumn herfs
beginning begin
century eeu
date datum
day dag
December Desember
evening aand
February Februarie
Friday Vrydag
future toekoms
hour uur
January Januarie
July Julie
June Junie
May Mei
midnight middernag
minute minuut
moment belang
moment rukkie
Monday Maandag
month maand
morning oggend
night nag
November November
now nou
October Oktober
past verlede
pause pouse
period tydperk
present hede
Saturday Saterdag
season seisoen
second sekonde
September September
spring lente
summer somer
Sunday Sondag
Thursday Donderdag
Tuesday Dinsdag
Wednesday Woensdag
week week
weekend naweek
winter winter
year jaar

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