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This english to frisian dictionary searches words in both directions at the same time.
Both english to frisian and frisian to english translations will be listed at once.

animal bist (n)
apple apel
baby poppe
book boek (n)
boy jonge (c)
brother broer
cat kat
city stêd
day dei
dog hûn
father heit; faar
fire fjoer (n)
flower blom (c)
food fiedsel
friend freon
fruit frucht
girl famke (n); faam
go gean
hello hallo, hoi
horse hoppe
house hûs (n)
love leafde
man man
money jild (n)
mother mem (f)
no nee
read lêze
sister sus
time tiid
tree beam
woman frou; wiif
write skriuwe
yes ja
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