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This English to Afrikaans dictionary searches words in both directions at the same time.
Both English to Afrikaans and Afrikaans to English translations will be listed at once.

animal dier
apple appel
baby baba
book boek
boy seun; jongman
brother broer
cat kat#Afrikaans'kat
city stad
day dag
dog hond
father (formal) vader; informal pa
fire vuur
flower blom
food kos; voedsel
friend vriend (m) vriendin (f)
fruit vrug, vrugte
girl meisie
hello hallo
horse perd
house huis
listen luister
man man
money geld
mother 'formal' moeder; 'informal' ma
no nee
peace vrede
read lees
school skool
sister suster
thank you dankie; baie dankie
time tyd
tree boom
water water
woman vrou
write skryf
yes ja
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