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This English to French dictionary searches words in both directions at the same time.
Both English to French and French to English translations will be listed at once.

animal animal (m); bête (f)
apple pomme (f)
baby bébé (m)
book livre (m); bouquin (m)
boy garçon (m)
brother frère (m)
cat chat (m); chatte (f)
city ville (f)
day jour (m); journée (f)
dog chien (m)
father père (m); papa
fire feu (m)
flower fleur (f)
food nourriture (f); alimentation (f); manger (m); bouffe (f)
friend ami (m); amie (f)
fruit fruit (m)
girl fille (f); jeune fille (f)
go aller
hello salut; bonjour
horse cheval (m)
house maison (f)
listen écouter
love amour (m)
man homme (m)
money argent (m)
mother mère (f)
no non
peace paix
read lire
school école (f); collège (m)
sister sœur (f)
thank you merci; je vous remercie
time temps (m)
tree arbre (m)
water eau (f)
woman femme (f)
write écrire
yes oui
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