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This English to Latin dictionary searches words in both directions at the same time.
Both English to Latin and Latin to English translations will be listed at once.

animal animal (n); bestia (f)
apple malum
baby infans
book liber (m); codex (m)
boy puer (m); adulescens
brother frater (m)
cat feles (f); cattus (m)
city urbs (f); civitas (f)
day dies (m); lux (f)
dog canis
father pater (m)
fire ignis (m); focus (m); flamma (f)
flower flos (m)
food cibus (m); pabulum (n); esca (f); cibaria; alimentum (n); pulmentum
friend amicus (m); amica (f)
fruit fructus (m), frux (f), fruges (p)
girl puella (f); pura (f); puera (f); adolescens (f)
go eo; vado; gradior
hello salve; ave
horse equus (m); caballus (m)
house domus (f); casa (f); aedis (f)
listen ausculto; audio; exaudio
love amor (m)
man vir; mas (m)
money pecunia (f)
mother mater (f); genetrix (f)
no non; minime
peace pax (f)
read legere
school collegium (n); ludus (m); schola (f)
sister soror (f)
thank you benigne dicis; tibi gratias ago
time tempus (n)
tree arbor (f)
water aqua (f)
woman femina (f); mulier (f)
write scribo
yes sic
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