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This English to Spanish dictionary searches words in both directions at the same time.
Both English to Spanish and Spanish to English translations will be listed at once.

animal animal (m); bestia (f)
apple manzana (f)
baby bebé (m); nene (m); niño (m); niña (f); bebe (m); guagua (f)
book libro (m)
boy niño (m) (gloss'child), chico (m) (gloss'teens or twenties), muchacho (m) (gloss'teens or twenties), chaval (m) (slang), varón (m), (gloss'gender specification: boy or girl?) ¿varón o mujer?
brother hermano (m)
cat gato (m); gata (f)
city ciudad (f); urbe (f)
day día (m)
dog perro (m)
father padre (m)
fire fuego (m)
flower flor (f)
food alimento (m); comida (f)
friend amigo (m); amiga (f)
fruit fruta (f); fruto (m)
girl niña (f); muchacha (f); chica (f)
go ir
hello hola; buenos días; qué tal
horse caballo (m); yegua (f)
house casa (f)
listen escuchar
love amor (m)
man varón (m); hombre (m)
money dinero (m); cobres (m); lana; pasta; pisto (m); plata (f); real (m)
mother madre (f)
no no
peace paz (f)
read leer
school escuela (f)
sister hermana (f)
thank you gracias; muchas gracias
time tiempo (m)
tree árbol (m)
woman mujer (f)
write escribir
yes sí#Spanish'sí, simón (colloquial, Mexico, Guatemala)
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