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This English to Welsh dictionary searches words in both directions at the same time.
Both English to Welsh and Welsh to English translations will be listed at once.

animal anifail (m); (m)
apple afal
baby baban (m)
book llyfr (m)
boy bachgen (m); bechgyn
brother brawd
cat cath (f)
city caer (f); dinas (f)
day dydd (m); dwthwn (m)
dog ci (m)
father tad
fire tân (m)
flower blodyn (m)
girl bachgennes (f); geneth (f)
go mynd
hello helo, bore da ('good morning'), dydd da ('good day')
horse ceffyl
house tŷ (m); annedd (m)
listen gwrando
love serch (m)
man gŵr (m); dyn (m)
money arian
mother mam
no na (nǎ or nâ, using nazalized n; commonly used also by English speakers)
peace heddwch
school ysgol (f)
sister chwaer (f)
thank you diolch
time amser
tree coeden, pren, colfen (colloquial)
woman benyw (f); dynes (f)
write ysgrifennu
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