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This Breton to Galician dictionary searches words in both directions at the same time.
Both Breton to Galician and Galician to Breton translations will be listed at once.

amzer (f) vez (f)
arc'hant diñeiro (m)
aval (m), avaloù (p) mazá (f)
bleuñv flor (f)
deiz (m); devezh (m) día (m)
dour (m) auga (f)
frouezh ('collective noun') frouezhenn (f's) froita (f)
gwez '(collective)', gwezenn (f's) árbore (f)
kazh (m); kaz (m) gato
ki (m); chas can (m), cadela (f)
lenn ler
maouez (f) muller
marc'h cabalo (m)
selaou atender; escoitar
skrivañ escribir
tan (m) lume (m)
ti (m) casa (f)
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