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This French to Interlingua dictionary searches words in both directions at the same time.
Both French to Interlingua and Interlingua to French translations will be listed at once.

aller vader
ami (m); amie (f) amico#Interlingua'amico
amour (m) amor
animal (m); bête (f) animal, bestia
arbre (m) arbore
argent (m) moneta
bébé (m) baby, bebe
chat (m); chatte (f) catto (m), catta (f)
cheval (m) cavallo (m)
chien (m) can#Interlingua'can
eau (f) aqua
école (f); collège (m) schola
écouter ascoltar
femme (f) femina
fille (f); jeune fille (f) puera (child)
fleur (f) flor
frère (m) fratre
fruit (m) fructo
garçon (m) (m)
homme (m) homine
maison (f) casa
mère (f) matre
non no#Interlingua'no
nourriture (f); alimentation (f); manger (m); bouffe (f) alimento#Interlingua'alimento
paix pace
père (m); papa patre
pomme (f) pomo
salut; bonjour bon die
sœur (f) soror
ville (f) citate
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