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This French to Welsh dictionary searches words in both directions at the same time.
Both French to Welsh and Welsh to French translations will be listed at once.

aller mynd
amour (m) serch (m)
animal (m); bête (f) anifail (m); (m)
arbre (m) coeden, pren, colfen (colloquial)
argent (m) arian
bébé (m) baban (m)
chat (m); chatte (f) cath (f)
cheval (m) ceffyl
chien (m) ci (m)
école (f); collège (m) ysgol (f)
écouter gwrando
écrire ysgrifennu
femme (f) benyw (f); dynes (f)
feu (m) tân (m)
fille (f); jeune fille (f) bachgennes (f); geneth (f)
fleur (f) blodyn (m)
frère (m) brawd
garçon (m) bachgen (m); bechgyn
homme (m) gŵr (m); dyn (m)
jour (m); journée (f) dydd (m); dwthwn (m)
livre (m); bouquin (m) llyfr (m)
maison (f) tŷ (m); annedd (m)
merci; je vous remercie diolch
mère (f) mam
non na (nǎ or nâ, using nazalized n; commonly used also by English speakers)
paix heddwch
père (m); papa tad
pomme (f) afal
salut; bonjour helo, bore da ('good morning'), dydd da ('good day')
sœur (f) chwaer (f)
temps (m) amser
ville (f) caer (f); dinas (f)
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