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This Interlingua to Afrikaans dictionary searches words in both directions at the same time.
Both Interlingua to Afrikaans and Afrikaans to Interlingua translations will be listed at once.

(m) seun; jongman
alimento#Interlingua'alimento kos; voedsel
amico#Interlingua'amico vriend (m) vriendin (f)
animal, bestia dier
aqua water
arbore boom
ascoltar luister
baby, bebe baba
bon die hallo
can#Interlingua'can hond
casa huis
catto (m), catta (f) kat#Afrikaans'kat
cavallo (m) perd
citate stad
femina vrou
flor blom
fratre broer
fructo vrug, vrugte
homine man
matre 'formal' moeder; 'informal' ma
moneta geld
no#Interlingua'no nee
pace vrede
patre (formal) vader; informal pa
pomo appel
puera (child) meisie
schola skool
soror suster
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