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This Interlingua to Frisian dictionary searches words in both directions at the same time.
Both Interlingua to Frisian and Frisian to Interlingua translations will be listed at once.

(m) jonge (c)
alimento#Interlingua'alimento fiedsel
amico#Interlingua'amico freon
amor leafde
animal, bestia bist (n)
arbore beam
baby, bebe poppe
bon die hallo, hoi
can#Interlingua'can hûn
casa hûs (n)
catto (m), catta (f) kat
cavallo (m) hoppe
citate stêd
femina frou; wiif
flor blom (c)
fratre broer
fructo frucht
homine man
matre mem (f)
moneta jild (n)
no#Interlingua'no nee
patre heit; faar
pomo apel
puera (child) famke (n); faam
soror sus
vader gean
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