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This Interlingua to Irish dictionary searches words in both directions at the same time.
Both Interlingua to Irish and Irish to Interlingua translations will be listed at once.

(m) buachaill (m); garsún (m)
alimento#Interlingua'alimento bia
amico#Interlingua'amico cara (m)
amor grá (m)
aqua uisce (m)
arbore crann (m)
ascoltar éist
baby, bebe leanbh
bon die Dia dhuit; Dia is Muire dhuit; haileo
can#Interlingua'can madra (m); gadhar (m); madadh (m)
casa teach (m); tithe
catto (m), catta (f) cat (m)
cavallo (m) capall (m); each (m); capaill (m)
citate cathair (f)
femina bean (f); mná; ban (f)
flor bláth; plúr (m)
fratre deartháir (m)
fructo toradh; meas (m)
homine fear (m); fir
matre máthair (f)
moneta airgead (m)
pace síocháin (f)
patre athair (m)
pomo úll (m)
puera (child) cailín (m)
schola scoil (f)
soror deirfiúr (m)
vader téigh
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