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This Interlingua to Latin dictionary searches words in both directions at the same time.
Both Interlingua to Latin and Latin to Interlingua translations will be listed at once.

(m) puer (m); adulescens
alimento#Interlingua'alimento cibus (m); pabulum (n); esca (f); cibaria; alimentum (n); pulmentum
amico#Interlingua'amico amicus (m); amica (f)
amor amor (m)
animal, bestia animal (n); bestia (f)
aqua aqua (f)
arbore arbor (f)
ascoltar ausculto; audio; exaudio
baby, bebe infans
bon die salve; ave
can#Interlingua'can canis
casa domus (f); casa (f); aedis (f)
catto (m), catta (f) feles (f); cattus (m)
cavallo (m) equus (m); caballus (m)
citate urbs (f); civitas (f)
femina femina (f); mulier (f)
flor flos (m)
fratre frater (m)
fructo fructus (m), frux (f), fruges (p)
homine vir; mas (m)
matre mater (f); genetrix (f)
moneta pecunia (f)
no#Interlingua'no non; minime
pace pax (f)
patre pater (m)
pomo malum
puera (child) puella (f); pura (f); puera (f); adolescens (f)
schola collegium (n); ludus (m); schola (f)
soror soror (f)
vader eo; vado; gradior
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