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This Interlingua to Welsh dictionary searches words in both directions at the same time.
Both Interlingua to Welsh and Welsh to Interlingua translations will be listed at once.

(m) bachgen (m); bechgyn
amor serch (m)
animal, bestia anifail (m); (m)
arbore coeden, pren, colfen (colloquial)
ascoltar gwrando
baby, bebe baban (m)
bon die helo, bore da ('good morning'), dydd da ('good day')
can#Interlingua'can ci (m)
casa tŷ (m); annedd (m)
catto (m), catta (f) cath (f)
cavallo (m) ceffyl
citate caer (f); dinas (f)
femina benyw (f); dynes (f)
flor blodyn (m)
fratre brawd
homine gŵr (m); dyn (m)
matre mam
moneta arian
no#Interlingua'no na (nǎ or nâ, using nazalized n; commonly used also by English speakers)
pace heddwch
patre tad
pomo afal
puera (child) bachgennes (f); geneth (f)
schola ysgol (f)
soror chwaer (f)
vader mynd
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