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This Latin to English dictionary searches words in both directions at the same time.
Both Latin to English and English to Latin translations will be listed at once.

amicus (m); amica (f) friend
amor (m) love
animal (n); bestia (f) animal
aqua (f) water
arbor (f) tree
ausculto; audio; exaudio listen
benigne dicis; tibi gratias ago thank you
canis dog
cibus (m); pabulum (n); esca (f); cibaria; alimentum (n); pulmentum food
collegium (n); ludus (m); schola (f) school
dies (m); lux (f) day
domus (f); casa (f); aedis (f) house
eo; vado; gradior go
equus (m); caballus (m) horse
feles (f); cattus (m) cat
femina (f); mulier (f) woman
flos (m) flower
frater (m) brother
fructus (m), frux (f), fruges (p) fruit
ignis (m); focus (m); flamma (f) fire
infans baby
legere read
liber (m); codex (m) book
malum apple
mater (f); genetrix (f) mother
non; minime no
pater (m) father
pax (f) peace
pecunia (f) money
puella (f); pura (f); puera (f); adolescens (f) girl
puer (m); adulescens boy
salve; ave hello
scribo write
sic yes
soror (f) sister
tempus (n) time
urbs (f); civitas (f) city
vir; mas (m) man
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