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This Serbian to Bulgarian dictionary searches words in both directions at the same time.
Both Serbian to Bulgarian and Bulgarian to Serbian translations will be listed at once.

drug (m); drugar (m); drugarica (f); prijatelj (m); prijateljica (f) приятел (m) (prijátel); приятелка (f) (prijátelka)
pas#Serbian'pas (m), kučka (f), kuče (m), kuca (f) (dim.), džukela (f) куче (n) (kuče); пес (m) (pes); псе (n) (pse)
vreme (n) време (n) (vréme)
дечак (dečak) (m) момче (n) (momče)
мајка (f); majka (f); матер (f); mater (f) майка (f) (májka)
писати пиша (píša)
храна (f) храна (f) (hraná)
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