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Acid Syra
Aqua Regia Kungsvatten
Arsenic Acid Arseniksyra
Boric Acid Borsyra
Carbonic Acid Kolsyra
Carboxylic Acid Karboxylsyra
Chloric Acid Klorsyra
Chlorous Acid Klorsyrlighet
Chromic Acid Kromsyra
Fulminic Acid Knallsyra
Gastric Acid Magsaft
Hydrazoic Acid Kvävevätesyra
Hydrofluoric Acid Fluorvätesyra
Hydrogen Iodide Vätejodid
Hydrogen Sulfide Svavelväte
Hypochlorous Acid Hypokloritsyra
Hypophosphorous Acid Hypofosforsyra
Nitric Acid Salpetersyra
Nitrous Acid Salpetersyrlighet
Perchloric Acid Perklorsyra
Phosphoric Acid Fosforsyra
Phosphorous Acid Fosforsyrlighet
Pyrophosphoric Acid Pyrofosforsyra
Selenic Acid Selensyra
Sulfuric Acid Svavelsyra

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