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Amblygonite Amblygonit
Bauxite Bauxit
Bentonite Bentonit
Beryl Beryll
Chrysoberyl Krysoberyll
Corundum Korund
Cryolite Kryolit
Emerald Smaragd
Glauconite Glaukonit
Hornblende Hornblände
Kaolinite Kaolinit
Kyanite Kyanit
Lepidolite Lepidolit
Orthoclase Ortoklas
Plagioclase Plagioklas
Pyrope Pyrop
Ruby Rubin
Sapphire Safir
Spinel Spinell
Spodumene Spodumen
Topaz Topas
Tourmaline Turmaliner
Turquoise Turkos
Vermiculite Vermikulit

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