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Apple Butter Appelstroop
Applesauce Appelmoes
Baked Potato Kumpir
Barbecue Barbecue
Beef Rundvlees
Chili Con Carne Chili Con Carne
Corned Beef Cornedbeef
Doughnut Donut
Goulash Goulash
Hamburger Hamburger
Ice Cream Roomijs
Mashed Potato Aardappelpuree
Meatloaf Vleesbrood
Pancake Pannenkoek
Peanut Butter Pindakaas
Pizza Pizza
Potato Salad Aardappelsalade
Pudding Pudding
Sandwich Sandwich (gerecht)
Sour Cream Zure Room
Taco Taco
Tamale Tamale (voedsel)
Waffle Wafel

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