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Applesauce Äppelmos
Baked Potato Bakad Potatis
Barbecue Barbeque
Beef Nötkött
Chili Con Carne Chili Con Carne
Coleslaw Coleslaw
Corned Beef Corned Beef
Doughnut Munk (bakverk)
Eggs Benedict Ägg Benedict
Goulash Ungersk Gulasch
Hamburger Hamburgare
Ice Cream Glass
Jell-O Jell-O
Mashed Potato Potatismos
Pancake Pannkaka
Peanut Butter Jordnötssmör
Pizza Pizza
Potato Salad Potatissallad
Pudding Pudding
Salisbury Steak Pannbiff
Sandwich Sandwich
Soul Food Soul Food
Sour Cream Gräddfil
Taco Taco
Tamale Tamales
Waffle Våffla

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