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Abdomen Abdomen
Acromion Acròmion
Blowhole (biology) Espiracle
Calcaneus Calcani
Carapace Cuirassa
Chevron (anatomy) Xebró (os)
Claw Urpa
Cloaca Cloaca
Diastema (dentistry) Diastema (dentició)
Exoskeleton Exosquelet
Flipper (anatomy) Aleta (anatomia Animal)
Gill Brànquia
Horn (anatomy) Banya
Nictitating Membrane Membrana Nictitant
Peristome Peristoma
Plastron Plastró
Proboscis Probòscide
Rachis Raquis
Scale (zoology) Escata
Skeleton Esquelet
Skull Crani
Snout Musell
Stinger Fibló
Syrinx (biology) Siringe
Tail Cua (anatomia)
Temple (anatomy) Templa
Thorax Tòrax
Tooth Dent
Tusk Ullal

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