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Abdomen Abdomen
Acromion Acromion
Autotomy Autotomy
Barbel (anatomy) Barbel (anatomy)
Blowhole (biology) Blowhole (biology)
Branchial Arch Branchial Arch
Byssus Byssus
Calcaneus Calcaneus
Carapace Carapace
Chevron (anatomy) Chevron (anatomy)
Choanocyte Choanocyte
Claw Claw
Cloaca Cloaca
Dewlap Dewlap
Diastema (dentistry) Diastema (dentistry)
Dorsal Fin Dorsal Fin
Endoskeleton Endoskeleton
Exoskeleton Exoskeleton
Fin Fin
Flipper (anatomy) Flipper (anatomy)
Gill Gill
Gizzard Gizzard
Horn (anatomy) Horn (anatomy)
Interstitial Fluid Interstitial Fluid
Lateral Line Lateral Line
Metamorphosis Metamorphosis
Nictitating Membrane Nictitating Membrane
Parapodium Parapodium
Peristome Peristome
Plastron Plastron
Proboscis Proboscis
Rachis Rachis
Scale (zoology) Scale (zoology)
Seashell Seashell
Seta Seta
Skeleton Skeleton
Skull Skull
Snout Snout
Stinger Stinger
Symmetry (biology) Symmetry (biology)
Syrinx (biology) Syrinx (biology)
Tail Tail
Teat Teat
Temple (anatomy) Temple (anatomy)
Tentacle Tentacle
Thorax Thorax
Tooth Tooth
Tusk Tusk
Udder Udder

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