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Abyssal Zone Abyssale Zone
Continental Shelf Continentaal Plat
Detritus Detritus (biologie)
Eutrophication Eutrofiƫring
Fish Vissen (dieren)
Fish Ladder Vistrap
Floodplain Spoelvlakte
Freshwater Zoetwater
Hydrosphere Hydrosfeer
Hypoxia (environmental) Hypoxie (water)
Limnology Limnologie
Littoral Zone Littoraal
Mangrove Mangrove
Mud Modder
Nekton Nekton
Phytoplankton Fytoplankton
Plankton Plankton
Salinity Saliniteit
Seawater Zeewater
Swarm Zwerm
Wastewater Afvalwater
Water Pollution Watervervuiling
Water Pollution Categorie:Afvalwater
Zooplankton Zoƶplankton

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