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Admiral Admiral
Adobe Adobe
Albacore Albacore
Alcalde Alcalde
Alchemy Alchemy
Aldebaran Aldebaran
Alembic Alembic
Alfalfa Alfalfa
Algol Algol
Algorithm Algorithm
Alkali Alkali
Almanac Almanac
Altair Altair
Amber Amber
Aniline Aniline
Apricot Apricot
Arrack Arrack
Arsenal Arsenal
Assassination Assassination
Ayatollah Ayatollah
Azimuth Azimuth
Bedouin Bedouin
Benzoin Benzoin
Betelgeuse Betelgeuse
Calabash Calabash
Caliber Caliber
Caliph Caliph
Caliphate Caliphate
Carat Carat
Caraway Caraway
Carmine Carmine
Carob Tree Carob Tree
Casbah Casbah
Cork (material) Cork (material)
Crocus Crocus
Damask Damask
Deneb Deneb
Dhow Dhow
Elixir Elixir
Emirate Emirate
Fakir Fakir
Fedayeen Fedayeen
Fellah Fellah
Fils (currency) Fils (currency)
Genie Genie
Gerbil Gerbil
Ghoul Ghoul
Hashish Hashish
Hookah Hookah
Houri Houri
Imam Imam
Intifada Intifada
Jerboa Jerboa
Jihad Jihad
Khamsin Khamsin
Kohl (cosmetics) Kohl (cosmetics)
Madrasah Madrasah
Magazine Magazine
Marzipan Marzipan
Mastaba Mastaba
Mattress Mattress
Minaret Minaret
Mohair Mohair
Monsoon Monsoon
Moussaka Moussaka
Mufti Mufti
Mukataa Mukataa
Mummy Mummy
Nadir Nadir
Qibla Qibla
Safari Safari
Sahara Sahara
Saluki Saluki
Sawm Sawm
Shahadah Shahadah
Sharia Sharia
Sheikh Sheikh
Sherbet Sherbet
Simoom Simoom
Sirocco Sirocco
Souk Souk
Sultan Sultan
Sumac Sumac
Syrup Syrup
Tamarind Tamarind
Tariff Tariff
Tell Tell
Ulema Ulema
Wadi Wadi
Zenith Zenith

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