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Alcove Alkove
Apse Apsis
Atrium (architecture) Atrium
Balcony Balkon
Colonnade Kolonnade
Column Søjle
Cornice Gesims
Dome Kuppel
Foundation (engineering) Bygningsfundament
Furniture Kategori:Møbler
Gates Kategori:Gennemgange
Laurel Wreath Laurbærkrans
Lighting Kategori:Belysning
Loggia Loggia
Mezzanine (architecture) Mezzanin
Minaret Minaret
Onion Dome Løgkuppel
Ornament (architecture) Ornament
Pilaster Pilaster
Portico Portico
Pylon (architecture) Pylon
Spire Spir (bygningsdel)
Stairway Trappe
Window Vindue

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