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Abstract Art Abstract Art
Abstract Expressionism Abstract Expressionism
Action Painting Action Painting
Art Deco Art Deco
Art Nouveau Art Nouveau
Art Movement Art Movement
Bauhaus Bauhaus
COBRA (avant-garde Movement) COBRA (avant-garde Movement)
Chinoiserie Chinoiserie
Classicism Classicism
Constructivism (art) Constructivism (art)
Cubism Cubism
Dada Dada
Decadence Decadence
Deconstructivism Deconstructivism
Empire (style) Empire (style)
Exoticism Exoticism
Expressionism Expressionism
Fauvism Fauvism
Formalism (art) Formalism (art)
Futurism (art) Futurism (art)
Impressionism Impressionism
Mannerism Mannerism
Minimalism Minimalism
Modernism Modernism
Naturalism (arts) Naturalism (arts)
Neoclassicism Neoclassicism
Op Art Op Art
Pop Art Pop Art
Postmodernism Postmodernism
Primitivism Primitivism
Purism Purism
Realism (art Movement) Realism (art Movement)
Surrealism Surrealism
Symbolism (arts) Symbolism (arts)

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