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Aquarius (astrology) 宝瓶宮
Aries (astrology) 白羊宮
Astrology 占星術
Cancer (astrology) 巨蟹宮
Capricorn (astrology) 磨羯宮
Constellation 星座
Gemini (astrology) 双児宮
Horoscope ホロスコープ
House (astrology) ハウス (占星術)
Leo (astrology) 獅子宮
Libra (astrology) 天秤宮
Moon (astrology) 月#占星術
Pisces (astrology) 双魚宮
Sagittarius (astrology) 人馬宮
Scorpio (astrology) 天蝎宮
Taurus (astrology) 金牛宮
Virgo (astrology) 処女宮
Zodiac 黄道十二星座

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