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Aquarius (astrology) Aquário (astrologia)
Aries (astrology) Áries (astrologia)
Ascendant Signo Ascendente
Astrology Astrologia
Cancer (astrology) Câncer (astrologia)
Capricorn (astrology) Capricórnio (astrologia)
Constellation Constelação
Gemini (astrology) Gêmeos (astrologia)
Leo (astrology) Leão (astrologia)
Libra (astrology) Libra (astrologia)
Pisces (astrology) Peixes (astrologia)
Sagittarius (astrology) Sagitário (astrologia)
Scorpio (astrology) Escorpião (astrologia)
Taurus (astrology) Touro (astrologia)
Virgo (astrology) Virgem (astrologia)
Zodiac Zodíaco

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