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Aerobatics Acrobazia Aerea
Aircraft Aeromobile
Airmail Posta Aerea
Airway (aviation) Aerovia
Angle Of Incidence Angolo D'incidenza
Biplane Biplano
Ceiling (aeronautics) Quota Di Tangenza
Contrail Scia Di Condensazione
Dogfight Dogfight
Empennage Impennaggio
Fuselage Fusoliera
Go-around Riattaccata
Lift (force) Portanza
Runway Pista D'atterraggio
Sonic Boom Boom Sonico
Sound Barrier Muro Del Suono
Spin (flight) Vite (aeronautica)
Spoiler (aeronautics) Deflettore
Stall (flight) Stallo Aerodinamico
Supersonic Regime Supersonico
Thermal Corrente Ascensionale
Transonic Regime Transonico
Wide-body Aircraft Aereo A Fusoliera Larga

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