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Bagel Bagel
Cinnamon Roll Rollo De Canela
Croissant Cruasán
Doughnut Dónut
Eggs Benedict Huevos A La Benedictina
French Toast Torrija
Fried Egg Huevo Frito
Hash (food) Hash (carne)
Maple Syrup Jarabe De Arce
Muesli Muesli
Muffin Muffin
Oatmeal Copos De Avena
Omelette Tortilla Francesa
Orange Juice Zumo De Naranja
Pancake Panqueque
Sausage Salchicha
Scone (bread) Scon
Scrambled Eggs Revuelto De Huevo
Strudel Strudel
Waffle Gofre

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