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Baked Potato Jacket Potato
Biscuit Galleta
Black Pudding Morcilla
Bovril Bovril
Bubble And Squeak Bubble And Squeak
Cockle (bivalve) Cardiidae
Fish And Chips Fish And Chips
Gingerbread Pan De Jengibre
Grog Grog
Hash (food) Hash (carne)
Ice Cream Helado
Kipper Kipper
Marmite Marmite
Mashed Potato Puré De Papas
Pancake Panqueque
Ploughman's Lunch Ploughman's Lunch
Potato Salad Kartoffelsalat
Pudding Budín
Sandwich Sándwich
Scotch Egg Huevo A La Escocesa
Yorkshire Pudding Yorkshire Pudding

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