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Amniotic Fluid Líquido Amniótico
Amniotic Sac Saco Amniótico
Blastomere Blastómero
Branchial Arch Arco Branquial
Chorion Corion
Ductus Arteriosus Ductus Arteriosus
Ectoderm Ectodermo
Embryo Embrión
Embryology Embriología
Endoderm Endodermo
Gastrulation Gastrulación
Germ Layer Capa Germinal
Mesoderm Mesodermo
Morula Mórula
Neural Tube Tubo Neural
Notochord Notocorda
Placenta Placenta
Somite Somitas
Umbilical Cord Cordón Umbilical

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