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Acer Campestre Acer Campestre
Acer Platanoides Acer Platanoides
Acer Pseudoplatanus Acer Pseudoplatanus
Anthemis Tinctoria Anthemis Tinctoria
Arctostaphylos Alpina Arctostaphylos Alpina
Arctostaphylos Uva-ursi Arctostaphylos Uva-ursi
Bidens Tripartita Bidens Tripartita
Calluna Calluna Vulgaris
Cirsium Vulgare Cirsium Vulgare
Clustered Bellflower Campanula Glomerata
Cow Parsley Anthriscus Sylvestris
Dactylis Dactylis
Galium Verum Galium Verum
Harebell Campanula Rotundifolia
Henbane Hyoscyamus Niger
Lamium Album Lamium Album
Lily Of The Valley Convallaria Majalis
Linaria Vulgaris Linaria Vulgaris
Lythrum Salicaria Lythrum Salicaria
Mentha Aquatica Mentha Aquatica
Mentha Arvensis Mentha Arvensis
Paris Quadrifolia Paris Quadrifolia
Plantago Media Plantago Media
Primula Veris Primula Veris
Solanum Dulcamara Solanum Dulcamara
Tansy Tanacetum Vulgare
Thlaspi Arvense Thlaspi Arvense
Tilia Cordata Tilia Cordata
Vaccinium Vitis-idaea Vaccinium Vitis-idaea
Valerian (herb) Valeriana Officinalis
Veronica Officinalis Veronica Officinalis
Viburnum Lantana Viburnum Lantana
Viburnum Opulus Viburnum Opulus
Woodruff Asperula Odorata

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