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Aquifer Aquifer
Capillary Action Capillariteit
Discharge (hydrology) Debiet
Drainage Basin Stroomgebied
Drought Droogte
Flood Overstroming
Floodplain Spoelvlakte
Fluvial Fluviatiel Proces
Freshwater Zoetwater
Hydrography Hydrografie
Hydrology Hydrologie
Hydrosphere Hydrosfeer
Infiltration (hydrology) Infiltratie (waterbeheer)
Oceanography Oceanografie
Permeability (fluid) Permeabiliteit (geologie)
Piezometer Piƫzometer
Pumping Station Gemaal (waterbouw)
Rain Shadow Regenschaduw
Shoal Zandbank
Water Table Freatisch Vlak

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