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Allergen Alergen
Allergology Kategorie:Alergologie
Allergy Alergie
Asthma Kategorie:Astma
Autoimmunity Autoimunita
Immune System Imunitní Systém
Immunity (medical) Imunita (biologie)
Immunization Imunizace
Immunoglobulin G Imunoglobulin G
Immunoglobulin M Imunoglobulin M
Immunology Imunologie
Immunosuppressive Drug Imunosupresivum
Interleukin Interleukiny
Lectin Lektiny
Opportunistic Infection Oportunní Infekce
Organ Transplant Transplantace
Toxoid Toxoid
Vaccination Očkování
Vaccine Vakcína

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