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Allergen Allergene
Allergology Categoria:Allergologia
Allergy Allergia
Antitoxin Antitossina
Autoimmunity Malattia Autoimmunitaria
Immune System Sistema Immunitario
Immunoglobulin G IgG
Immunoglobulin M IgM
Immunohistochemistry Immunoistochimica
Immunology Immunologia
Immunosuppression Immunosoppressione
Interleukin Interleuchine
Lectin Lectina
Mantoux Test Mantoux Test
Opportunistic Infection Infezione Opportunistica
Organ Transplant Trapianto (medicina)
Radioimmunoassay Dosaggio Radioimmunologico
Toxoid Anatossina
Tuberculin Tubercolina
Vaccination Vaccinazione
Vaccine Vaccino

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