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Appendicitis Apendicitis
Arteritis Arteritis
Arthritis Artritis
Balanitis Balanitis
Blepharitis Blefaritis
Bronchiolitis Bronquiolitis
Bursitis Bursitis
Cellulitis Celulitis (infección)
Cervicitis Cervicitis
Cholecystitis Colecistitis
Chronic Bronchitis Bronquitis Crónica
Common Cold Resfriado Común
Conjunctivitis Conjuntivitis
Crohn's Disease Enfermedad De Crohn
Cystitis Cistitis
Dermatomyositis Dermatomiositis
Diverticulosis Enfermedad Diverticular
Encephalitis Encefalitis
Endocarditis Endocarditis
Endometritis Endometritis
Epididymitis Epididimitis
Gastritis Gastritis
Gastroenteritis Gastroenteritis
Glomerulonephritis Glomerulonefritis
Glossitis Glositis
Hepatitis Hepatitis
Hepatitis Categoría:Hepatitis
Inflammation Inflamación
Iritis Iritis
Keratitis Queratitis
Labyrinthitis Laberintitis
Laryngitis Laringitis
Lymphadenopathy Adenopatía
Mastitis Mastitis
Myelitis Mielitis
Myocarditis Miocarditis
Nephritis Nefritis
Otitis Media Otitis Media
Pancreatitis Pancreatitis
Pericarditis Pericarditis
Peritonitis Peritonitis
Pharyngitis Faringitis
Phlebitis Flebitis
Pleurisy Pleuritis
Prostatitis Prostatitis
Pyelonephritis Pielonefritis
Rhinitis Rinitis
Sinusitis Sinusitis
Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis Panencefalitis Esclerosante Subaguda
Tendinitis Tendinitis
Tenosynovitis Tenosinovitis
Thrombophlebitis Tromboflebitis Superficial
Tonsillitis Amigdalitis
Ulcerative Colitis Colitis Ulcerosa
Urethritis Uretritis
Uveitis Uveítis
Vaginitis Vaginitis
Vasculitis Vasculitis

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