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Anobiidae Anobiidae
Arctiidae Arctiidae
Asilidae Asilidae
Bombyliidae Bombyliidae
Botfly Oestridae
Ceratopogonidae Ceratopogonidae
Chironomidae Chironomidae
Click Beetle Elateridae
Crane Fly Tipulidae
Dermestidae Dermestidae
Drosophilidae Drosophilidae
Dytiscidae Dytiscidae
Firefly Lampyridae
Ground Beetle Carabidae
Leaf Beetle Chrysomelidae
Lycaenidae Lycaenidae
Mosquito Culicidae
Nymphalidae Nymphalidae
Pieridae Pieridae
Psychodidae Psychodidae
Tachinidae Tachinidae
Weevil Curculionidae
Whirligig Beetle Gyrinidae

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