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Actinolite Actinolita
Andradite Andradita
Anthophyllite Antofilita
Arsenopyrite Arsenopirita
Augite Augita
Biotite Biotita
Bornite Bornita
Chalcopyrite Calcopirita
Chromite Cromita
Emery (mineral) Esmeril
Gadolinite Gadolinita
Germanite Germanita
Glauconite Glauconita
Goethite Goethita
Hematite Hematita
Hornblende Hornblenda
Ilmenite Ilmenita
Limonite Limonita
Magnetite Magnetita
Olivine Olivino
Phlogopite Flogopita
Pyrite Pirita
Pyrrhotite Pirrotina
Rhodonite Rodonita
Serpentine Serpentina
Siderite Siderita
Tourmaline Turmalina
Vermiculite Vermiculita
Wolframite Wolframita
Zinnwaldite Zinnwaldita

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