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Actinolite Actinolita
Anthophyllite Antofilita
Augite Augita
Bentonite Bentonita
Biotite Biotita
Carnallite Carnalita
Chromite Cromita
Chrysotile Crisotilo
Dolomite Dolomita
Garnet Granate (mineral)
Glauconite Glauconita
Hornblende Hornblenda
Kieserite Kieserita
Magnesite Magnesita
Magnesium Oxide Magnesia (mineral)
Meerschaum Espuma De Mar
Olivine Olivino
Periclase Magnesia (mineral)
Phlogopite Flogopita
Rhodonite Rodonita
Sepiolite Sepiolita
Serpentine Serpentina
Spinel Espinela (mineral)
Talc Talco
Tremolite Tremolita
Vermiculite Vermiculita

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