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Aa (plant) Aa (planta)
Ada (orchid) Ada (orquídea)
Aerides Aerides
Angraecum Angraecum
Anoectochilus Anoectochilus
Bletia Bletia
Bletilla Bletilla
Brassavola Brassavola
Brassia Brassia
Caladenia Caladenia
Calanthe Calanthe
Catasetum Catasetum
Cattleya Cattleya
Cephalanthera Cephalanthera
Coelogyne Coelogyne
Coryanthes Coryanthes
Cymbidium Cymbidium
Cypripedium Cypripedium
Dactylorhiza Dactylorhiza
Dendrobium Dendrobium
Disa (orchid) Disa
Dragon's Mouth Arethusa (orquídea)
Dryadella Dryadella
Encyclia Encyclia
Epidendrum Epidendrum
Epipactis Epipactis
Gongora Gongora
Grammatophyllum Grammatophyllum
Grass Pink Calopogon
Gymnadenia Gymnadenia
Laelia Laelia
Masdevallia Masdevallia
Maxillaria Maxillaria
Miltonia Miltonia
Odontoglossum Odontoglossum
Oncidium Oncidium
Ophrys Ophrys
Orchis Orchis
Paphiopedilum Paphiopedilum
Phaius Phaius
Phalaenopsis Phalaenopsis
Phragmipedium Phragmipedium
Pterostylis Pterostylis
Selenipedium Selenipedium
Sobralia Sobralia
Spiranthes Spiranthes
Stanhopea Stanhopea
Vanda Vanda (orquídea)

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