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Adoration Anbetung
Anchorite Anachoret
Anointing Salbung
Asceticism Kategorie:Askese
Bhakti Bhakti
Blessing Segen
Canonization Heiligsprechung
Charisma Charisma
Chosen People Auserwähltsein
Church Service Gottesdienst
Consecration Konsekration
Cult (religious Practice) Kult
Fasting Fasten
Flagellation Flagellation
Forgiveness Vergebung
Hermit Eremit
Holy Water Weihwasser
Indoctrination Indoktrination
Lavabo Lavabo (Ritus)
Libation Trankopfer
Liturgy Liturgie
Meditation Kategorie:Meditation
Missionary Missionar
Monasticism Monastisch
Mysticism Kategorie:Mystik
Novitiate Noviziat
Ordination Ordination
Piety Frömmigkeit
Praise Lob
Prayer Kategorie:Gebet
Procession Prozession
Proselytism Proselytismus
Repentance Buße (Religion)
Retreat (spiritual) Retreat
Rubric (typography) Rubrik
Sacrifice Opfer (Religion)
Shamanism Kategorie:Schamanismus
Testimony Personenbeweis
Veil Schleier
Veneration Heiligenverehrung
Vision (religion) Vision (Religion)
Wedding Ring Ring (Schmuck)#Ehering

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