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Anchorite Anakoret
Anointing Smörjelse
Asceticism Kategori:Askes
Bhakti Bhakti
Blessing Välsignelse
Canonization Kanonisering
Charisma Karisma
Consecration Konsekration
Fasting Fasta
Forgiveness Förlåtelse
Hermit Eremit
Holy Water Vigvatten
Indoctrination Indoktrinering
Libation Libation
Liturgy Liturgi
Meditation Kategori:Meditation
Missionary Mission
Mysticism Kategori:Mystik
Ordination Prästvigning
Piety Fromhet
Procession Procession
Proselytism Proselytism
Retreat (spiritual) Retreat
Rubric (typography) Rubrik
Sacrifice Offer (religion)
Shamanism Kategori:Schamanism
Veil Slöja
Veneration Vördnad
Wedding Ring Vigselring

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