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American Beech Fagus Grandifolia
American Sycamore Platanus Occidentalis
Balsam Fir Abies Balsamea
Black Cherry Prunus Serotina
Black Locust Robinia Pseudoacacia
Celtis Occidentalis Celtis Occidentalis
Cupressus Macrocarpa Cupressus Macrocarpa
Grand Fir Abies Grandis
Honey Locust Gleditsia Triacanthos
Monterey Pine Pinus Radiata
Northern Red Oak Quercus Rubra
Pacific Silver Fir Abies Amabilis
Paper Birch Betula Papyrifera
Picea Rubens Picea Rubens
Pin Oak Quercus Palustris
Quercus Alba Quercus Alba
Red Pine Pinus Resinosa
Sequoiadendron Sequoiadendron
Swamp White Oak Quercus Bicolor
Sweet Birch Betula Lenta
Tsuga Canadensis Tsuga Canadensis
Water Birch Betula Nigra
White Spruce Picea Glauca

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