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Bit Bit
Byte Byte
Exabit Exabit
Exabyte Exabyte
Exbibit Exbibit
Exbibyte Exbibyte
Gibibit Gibibit
Gibibyte Gibibyte
Gigabit Gigabit
Gigabyte Gigabyte
Kibibit Kibibit
Kibibyte Kibibyte
Kilobit Kilobit
Kilobyte Kilobyte
Mebibit Mebibit
Mebibyte Mebibyte
Megabit Megabit
Megabyte Megabyte
Nibble Nibble
Packet (information Technology) Datagrama
Pebibit Pebibit
Pebibyte Pebibyte
Petabit Petabit
Petabyte Petabyte
Tebibit Tebibit
Tebibyte Tebibyte
Terabyte Terabyte
Word (computing) Palabra (informática)
Yobibyte Yobibyte
Yottabit Yottabit
Yottabyte Yottabyte
Zebibyte Zebibyte
Zettabit Zettabit
Zettabyte Zettabyte

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