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Backsaw Scie à Onglet
Carpenter Charpentier
Chamfer Chanfrein
Cooper (profession) Tonnelier
Countersink Fraisure
Dado (architecture) Lambris
Dovetail Joint Queue D'aronde
Dowel Cheville (vis)
Drilling Perçage
Joiner Menuisier
Log Cabin Cabane
Luthier Luthier
Machine Tool Machine-outil
Marquetry Marqueterie
Molding (decorative) Moulure
Nail (fastener) Clou (fixation)
Ogive Ogive (architecture)
Parquetry Parquet (construction)
Pyrography Pyrogravure
Sawdust Sciure De Bois
Staple (fastener) Agrafe (papeterie)
Wood Bois
Woodworking Travail Du Bois

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