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Swedish dictionaries in the universal dictionary Complex translations
Bilingual Swedish dictionaries Simple
Brazilian Portuguese to Swedish dictionary3,168
Chinese Simplified to Swedish dictionary4,443
Chinese Traditional to Swedish dictionary1,831
Danish to Swedish dictionary5,685
Dutch to Swedish dictionary6,140
English to Swedish dictionary35,045
Estonian to Swedish dictionary4,247
Finnish to Swedish dictionary5,340
French to Swedish dictionary24,044
German to Swedish dictionary6,416
Greek to Swedish dictionary5,445
Hungarian to Swedish dictionary5,019
Icelandic to Swedish dictionary2,000
Indonesian to Swedish dictionary4,141
Italian to Swedish dictionary5,932
Japanese to Swedish dictionary908
Korean to Swedish dictionary3,505
Latvian to Swedish dictionary6,394
Norwegian to Swedish dictionary3,329
Polish to Swedish dictionary4,804
Portuguese to Swedish dictionary6,093
Romanian to Swedish dictionary4,696
Russian to Swedish dictionary17,987
Slovak to Swedish dictionary5,247
Spanish to Swedish dictionary14,185
Swedish to Czech dictionary6,786
Swedish to Dutch dictionary18,058
Swedish to Esperanto dictionary3,873
Swedish to Finnish dictionary5,336
Swedish to French dictionary6,206
Swedish to German dictionary6,396
Swedish to Italian dictionary5,905
Swedish to Kurdish Sorani dictionary4,080
Swedish to Polish dictionary4,798
Swedish to Portuguese dictionary6,079
Swedish to Slovak dictionary3,615
Swedish to Spanish dictionary6,104
Turkish to Swedish dictionary3,545
Swedish to Afrikaans dictionary2,247
Swedish to Albanian dictionary2,673
Swedish to Arabic dictionary10,247
Swedish to Armenian dictionary8,981
Swedish to Azeri dictionary1,466
Swedish to Basque dictionary2,472
Swedish to Belarusian dictionary2,393
Swedish to Bosnian dictionary2,642
Swedish to Breton dictionary1,753
Swedish to Bulgarian dictionary12,174
Swedish to Catalan dictionary10,992
Swedish to Chinese dictionary16,839
Swedish to Croatian dictionary6,504
Swedish to Frisian dictionary1,612
Swedish to Galician dictionary2,040
Swedish to Georgian dictionary3,094
Swedish to Hebrew dictionary8,525
Swedish to Hindi dictionary4,100
Swedish to Interlingua dictionary2,563
Swedish to Irish dictionary4,942
Swedish to Kurdish dictionary2,571
Swedish to Latin dictionary6,514
Swedish to Lithuanian dictionary4,214
Swedish to Macedonian dictionary7,885
Swedish to Malay dictionary1,963
Swedish to Malayalam dictionary871
Swedish to Maltese dictionary2,386
Swedish to Marathi dictionary606
Swedish to Navajo dictionary2,169
Swedish to Norwegian Bokmal dictionary9,746
Swedish to Persian dictionary5,142
Swedish to Scottish Gaelic dictionary8,207
Swedish to Serbian dictionary2,832
Swedish to Slovenian dictionary6,077
Swedish to Swahili dictionary5,453
Swedish to Tagalog dictionary1,565
Swedish to Tamil dictionary1,047
Swedish to Telugu dictionary3,378
Swedish to Thai dictionary3,371
Swedish to Ukrainian dictionary4,053
Swedish to Urdu dictionary2,272
Swedish to Vietnamese dictionary4,573
Swedish to Welsh dictionary2,645
Swedish to Yiddish dictionary1,037
82 dictionaries465,661

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Swedish dictionary list contains a list of online Swedish dictionaries which allow you to easily translate words between Swedish, English and many other languages. There are two types of Swedish dictionaries available. The Universal dictionary is a special type of dictionary interconnecting Swedish translations with English definitions and translations in other languages in one complex database. Then there are bilingual Swedish dictionaries which connect Swedish with other languages through separate dictionaries. Each listed Swedish dictionary has a number next to it which shows the number of translations available in the online dictionary.

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