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We say a big THANK YOU to everyone who helps to create better and bigger free dictionaries.
Thank you translators and validators for your hard work.

Gerard van Wilgen - provided many Esperanto dictionaries (many new lists of ATs)
Prof. Kevin Patrick Scannell - provided frequency lists for exotic languages (prepared lists of words to translate)
William Breuer - new layout of the main page, many good hints
Erdal Ronahi - dicts are available from main page, effectivity optimizations
Hans-Joerg Bibiko - fulltext search button in online dicts

Interface translated by:
English - Zdenek Broz
Dutch - William Breuer and Martijn
Czech - Zdenek Broz
French - Alexandre
Chinese - Hu Zheng
Russian - Grigory Likhachev
Spanish - Grigory Likhachev
Italian - Nicola Driutti
Polish - Pawel Kaczor
Romanian - Cristian Chis
Kurdish - Erdal Ronahi
Belarusian - Viktar Siarheichyk
Slovak - Julius Geczy
Estonian - Cougar
Lithuanian - Laurynas Butkus
Norwegian - Roy Helge Rasmussen
Portuguese - Arthur de Souza Allievi
Brazilian Portuguese - Marco Costa
Danish - Claus Schmidt
Simplified Chinese - Dolores@ytht
Albanian - Gezim Hoxha
Urdu - Qasim Saeed
Walloon - Pablo

Most wanted is always:
1) Free dictionary that we do not know about yet.
2) Hints how to improve things and make things faster.